5 Recommended Online English Schools for Beginners


There are various ways to learn English, but online English schools and courses are popular because they provide an easy way to improve one’s English skills. If you’re interested in learning English but are unsure which school to choose, we’ve compared and recommended 5 online English schools that are especially good. Compare the features and prices of each school to find the one that suits you!

School NameFeatures
HiNative TrekA self-study centered English learning service that utilizes online classes and native speaker feedback.
Studysapuri EnglishA beginner-friendly English learning service that features one-on-one lessons with native teachers.
WiLLIes EnglishAn affordable English conversation school with a friendly atmosphere.
Personal Coaching
A flexible English learning service that provides online English conversation lessons with native speakers.
MONEY ENGLISHAn excellent cost-effective English learning service that can accommodate a wide range of needs with English lessons taught by Japanese coaches and foreign teachers.

HiNative Trek

HiNative Trek is an online English conversation school that features one-on-one lessons with native teachers. With careful instruction from native teachers, you can learn at your own pace. There are also various learning materials and intensive courses, making it a great option for those who want to learn efficiently. The monthly cost is 19,600 yen.

Learning MethodOnline lessons
TeacherNative speaker
Courses① IT Course
② Business Course
Price①② Common
Monthly plan: ¥19,600 / month
Annual plan: ¥196,000 / year

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Studysapuri English

Studysapuri English is an English school that features one-on-one lessons with teachers. Since they adjust their lessons according to your level, even beginners can learn English with confidence. Also, with the progress management system, you can plan your own study pace. Monthly tuition starts at 2,178 yen, and you can take a 25-minute lesson every day without any additional fees.

Learning MethodOnline lessons
TeacherNative speaker
Courses① TOEIC® L&R TEST Prep Course
② Business English Course
③ Everyday English Conversation Course
Basic plan: 3,278 yen/month
Personal coach plan: ¥74,800 / 3 months

Basic plan: 3,278 yen/month
Personal coach plan: ¥74,800 / 3 months

Basic plan: 2,178 yen/month
Personal coach plan: ¥49,800 / 3 months

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WiLLIes English

WiLLIes English School is a school that specializes in one-on-one lessons with native speakers. The instructors are from English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and have extensive experience and knowledge. They offer a wide range of lessons from business English to everyday conversation, and the monthly fee starts at ¥2,970 for a 25-minute lesson. However, there is a disadvantage that reservations are difficult to make.

Learning MethodOnline lessons
TeacherNative speaker
Courses① Corporate course
② Intensive Listening & Speaking course
③ Eiken course
④ TOEIC course
⑤ High school student course
⑥ Junior high school student course
⑦ Kids course
PriceOne 25-minute lesson: ¥2,970 / month ~
One 50-minute lesson: ¥4,730 / month ~

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SpeakBuddy Personal Coaching

SpeakBuddy Personal Coaching is a school that specializes in customized learning plans tailored to individual needs. Instructors are native speakers, and with a dedicated coach, students can receive more detailed support such as learning plans and pronunciation practice. In addition, you can take a one-hour lesson every day at no additional charge. Although the fees are high, you can receive a fulfilling customized support.

Learning MethodOnline lessons
Courses① Foundation strengthening intensive course
② Speaking regular course
③ Express course
Price① ¥184,800 / 12 weeks
② ¥283,800 / 12 weeks
③ ¥511,500 / 12 weeks

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MONEY ENGLISH is an online English conversation school where Japanese coaches and foreign instructors exclusively support students. Coaches with experience studying abroad or working overseas and foreign instructors with a proven track record will provide each student with a personalized curriculum. It caters to beginners to intermediate and advanced learners, and allows you to acquire English that can be applied to any situation, such as business English or exam preparation. You can consult with the coach anytime every day, and the cost performance is overwhelmingly attractive at less than a third of the industry standard. Also, because it is completely online, you can achieve reliable English learning and growth without wasting money and time.

Learning MethodOnline lessons
Native speaker
Price2 lessons / week: ¥54,780 / month
5 lessons / week: ¥71,280 / month
10 lessons / week: ¥93,280 / month

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We have compared the features, prices, pros, and cons of five English schools.

Each school has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to choose the right school for yourself. HiNative Trek is attractive for its easy and casual English learning approach. Studysapuri English is attractive for its diverse teaching materials and stable lessons. Willie’s English School is attractive for its unique curriculum and one-on-one lessons with teachers. SpeakBuddy is attractive for its customized lessons and feedback tailored to your goals. MONEY ENGLISH provides exclusive support from Japanese coaches and foreign teachers, allowing for efficient and effective English learning and growth.

Use this article as a reference to find the right English school for you and improve your English proficiency.